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Our Nordlicht (Northern Lights) flowers smell like a gentle summer breeze. With a fresh minty aroma, our Nordlicht flowers help you to concentrate on the essential things and to get through the day in a balanced way.


Our hemp flowers are from conversion to organic farming, grown outdoors, rich in CBD, 100% sun-ripened and 100% from Austria.

After a regular quality control, the flowers are picked by hand and trimmed piece by piece by our team after the particularly gentle drying. The gentle drying at low temperatures preserves the important essential oils of the plants.
All our flowers come to the laboratory for a final control and are delivered to our customers only after achieving all quality standards. Cannabeesol ® hemp flowers meet the highest grade and are free of pesticides and herbicides. We use only certified EU commercial hemp varieties with strict controls on legal THC levels.

How to use?
Among other things, flowers are infused with hot water and enjoyed as a tea for relaxation or to help you fall asleep.

And of course: no Cannabeesol flower leaves our farm without a bee goodbye kiss.