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Our 4% CBD oil is especially suitable for those who are trying CBD for the first time. The light nutty taste is particularly mild and pleasant. Cannabeesol ® CBD OIL can help you with the following issues: Inner restlessness and tension, difficulty falling asleep, menstrual cramps, joint pain, migraine.

Our CBD oil consists of organic hemp extract and hemp seed oil. Both come from our organic farming in Upper Austria and are of course certified organic. Sun-ripened & bee-kissed – our plants grow in harmony with nature. Our cannabis plants are bee recreational areas during their growing season, giving bees the protected habitat they need. We guarantee that our Cannabeesol ® products are 100% grown, harvested and processed in Austria. Thus, we keep the Co2 consumption to a minimum and actively support the environment, because we do without long transport routes or storage times.

Cannabeesol ® CBD oil is:

  • 100% organic. Certified organic from cultivation to the final product!
  • Harvested and grown in Upper Austria
  • Free from artificial ingredients, dyes, pesticides or heavy metals
  • With natural plant spectrum
  • Purely vegetable and vegan



Every body has different needs and sensations. We recommend 2×8 tropes, but slowly feel your way to your ideal dose.

Shake well before use.