The word Cannabeesol® is composed of the three most important elements of our company philosophy. Canna stands for the commercial hemp (cannabis) that we grow organically for our products, Bee stands for the bee protection that we are committed to, and Sol stands for sun-ripened, because our products are offered exclusively in the wild and ripen under the natural sun.
Our Cannabeesol® products are sown, harvested and processed in Austria. They are therefore 100% from Austria and certified organic. Why this is so important to us? We thus guarantee the CO2 neutrality of our products, because they have not traveled long distances around the globe or within Europe.
What exactly is CBD?
CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis plants*. Hemp or CBD has been valued for its healing properties for centuries. The following effects are considered proven at the current state of knowledge: Antispasmodic Anti-anxiety Anti-inflammatory Immunostrengthening Appetite suppressant ** Cannabeesol® products can therefore be recommended as a support for sleeping difficulties or against feelings of restlessness and tension. CBD has also been shown in several clinical studies to be an effective treatment for epilepsy. In several countries CBD is already approved as a medicine*. More detailed information from the World Health Organization (WHO) can be found here in their report: *https://www.who.int/medicines/access/controlled-substances/CannabidiolCriticalReview.pdf **https://cannatrust.eu/wiki/cbd-wirkung/
How does CBD work?
Simply described, CBD acts on the communication site, which is part of the nervous system in humans and animals, between the body and the brain. This complex, endogenous system consists of receptors. CBD docks to these supports the body from the outside.
The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that CBD has a very good safety profile and no dependence potential.
Is CBD legal?
The legality of CBD always depends on the country. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and can detect a minimum THC content. In Austria, this must be below 0.3% and this value is strictly tested and adhered to at Cannabeesol®.
How do I consume CBD?
This depends on the product or the personal preferences of the consumer. You will find a dosage recommendation on each product or on the respective product page. The effect of CBD also depends on your body and personal sensation. CBD oil drops can be taken orally, our flowers can be infused with hot water and drunk, our hemp seed oil can be used to refine smoothies, salads or soups.
What is the connection between the hemp maze EXIT THE FIELD and Cannabeesol®?
Exit the Field is the experience world of Cannabeesol® . Exit the Field gives you the opportunity - playfully and for the whole family - to get to know hemp better and also to learn more about the most important farm animal: the honey bee.
How can I contact you in case of any questions, requests or complaints?
If you have issues with your product or your order, contact us via: If you have any Marketing related requests please contact us here: