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Our philosophy

Cannabeesol ® products are handpicked with natural hemp of the highest certified organic quality.

We are Cannabeesol®

Sown, grown and harvested in the Upper Austrian countryside, directly from organic farmers, our Cannabeesol products ripen solely under the natural sun.

For Christian, the founder of Cannabeesol, agriculture is not just a field of work, but genuine passion. A passion that has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries in the Huber family. As early as 1952, grandfather Willibald planted hemp in the local fields ,now, almost 70 years later, his descendants are still following his example.

Cannabeesol is a true family business. Founded by Christian, with the help of his wife Irene, they get support from sister Sigrid and cousin Johannes who take care of key areas within business.

"Transparent agriculture is our top priority, and in times like these , where the origin of our food is increasingly difficult to identify, more important than ever."

For us, transparent agriculture also means bringing more attention to the food cycle. From the cultivation of the plants, the farming, the harvest, to the finished product on the shelves. We at Cannabeesol ® want to reconnect people with nature and give food the importance it deserves.

In order for our products to reach their high quality, we choose only the best fields and soils.
We plant our crops by hand and check daily if your plants have all the nutrients they need. As farmers, we know the conditions of our fields and the needs of our plants like no one else. We respect the cycle of nature, therefore our plants and flowers are ripened exclusively by the sun.

We live our philosophy

certified organic agriculture
regional production
sun-ripened & bee-kissed
handpicked & handharvested More


For our team we were lucky to find a passionate group of people who are all experts in their specific field,
from agriculture, food technology, marketing, pedagogy, bee keeping, and distribution.

3 Questions to Christian Huber

Undeniably there is a big hype around hemp. How is Cannabeesol ® different compared to other hemp or cbd companies?
As a farmer, I naturally have a special access to plants, cultivation and harvest. The topic of hemp was on my mind for a long time, but none of the products on the market has really convinced me. These pictures of hemp plants growing under artificial light and in clinical tents do not appeal to me - neither as a producer nor as a consultant for our customers. It is important to me to know where products are grown, how they are processed, in which country they are produced or which transport routes they may have had. This transparency is important to me, and that's what I want our customers to know: from cultivation to harvest, we do it with our own hands, the plants thrive under real sunlight, and on top of that, we use our fields as bee recreation areas. I am a passionate farmer and I show it - our products are regional and organic and you know exactly where the plants come from.
Why is bee conservation such a big topic for Cannabeesol® ?
The bee is the most important farm animal and only a few people are aware of this. If the bees feel good in my fields, I know I have done something right. The bees stay where they find enough nutrients and where they are offered a valuable habitat, then they do what they do best, namely pollinate the flowers. Near Linz in Ansfelden at the A1 junction Traun, we also have our hemp maze "EXIT THE FIELD" ( Our aim is to make agriculture, hemp and the living world of bees a playful experience. I think it is so important to show children the right way to deal with nature and plants. Plants give us important nutrients, are our livelihood - when I see the many families who have enjoyed visiting EXIT THE FIELD since its inception, I know people enjoy this active engagement with nature. Children who experience an unforgettable day with us in the hemp field, learning more about bees and why they are so important for agriculture, they also perceive nature around them differently. This project is generally very important to me and last year we were able to win the Austrian innovation prize for young farmers.
Hemp and CBD are said to have numerous positive effects - does hemp live up to its promise?
It is very important to me to be able to offer people something that really helps them. I have seen or heard in numerous examples how hemp has helped people in everyday life. For calming, as a painkiller as a support during chemotherapy but also in less drastic cases simply as a supplement to the diet. Sure there is a "trend", but to me it is more important to grow such a versatile plant regionally, to make sure that the quality really fits and to know that my product has a positive impact on someone's life. Starting from the many nutrients to the extensive positive effect on personal well-being that hemp is said to have.