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certified organic agriculture
regional production
handpicked & handharvested

Sonnengereift & Bienengeküsst

Für Christian gibt es nichts schöneres als “Bauer sein”. Er liebt es im Einklang mit der Natur zu leben und die Balance zwischen Mensch und Umwelt aufrecht zu erhalten.

Denn Landwirtschaft ist nicht nur Leidenschaft sondern auch viel Verantwortung die wir seit Generationen sehr ernst nehmen.

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three spheres

Canna The plants
Bee The bees
Sol The environment

Find more well-being through nature

For years, Christian has been studying the tradition and history of agriculture and, as a result, has also come across hemp as an agricultural crop. Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated and useful plants and was already cultivated over 10,000 years ago by farmers around the world for its nutrient-rich seeds and versatile fibers.

As a farmer, it is especially important for him to offer regionally produced, nutrient-rich products for the body and well-being. Hemp is a true "superfood," with its high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E and B, as well as antioxidants and all amino acids, and is an environmentally friendly alternative to acai or chai. In addition, ingredients of hemp are said to have soothing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Don't worry, our hemp products have no intoxicating effect and the legal THC content remains below 0.3%. A quality standard that we control from day one.


At Cannabeesol, we get support from the most important farm animal: the bee. Without the pollination of bees, there would be little to no fruit and plants.

In order to create a nutritious and sustainable environment for our plants, bee protection is essential for us. Because as an organic farm we not only want to produce organic products for our customers but also actively contribute to the habitat of bees and thus create more sustainability for our nature. We offer bees biodiversity with generous recreational areas and flowering pastures that are optimally adapted to the needs of bees. Irene and Helmut, from the Cannabeesol ® take care of our bees and make sure they have everything they need and feel comfortable.


We strongly believe in the healing power of nature.

Nature helps us to regroup, to calm down, to focus. This effect of nature we want to bottle in our Cannabeesol ® products so you are able to enjoy your little piece of calm wherever you are and whenever you need it.

We do not allow unnecessary storage, long transport routes, artificial lighting and additives for our products. As a Co2-neutral company that uses 100% only green electricity, the entire production takes place regionally, in the Upper Austrian central area.